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    Click here to order 1. Price is $25.00 - Make sure to let me know what the name of the person you want me to sign - Iíll even sign it however you want me to (as long as you tell me and itís in keeping with the Holiday Spirit!).
    Click here to order 2. Price is $40.00 - Same as above, let me know who Iím signing these for!
    Click here to order 4. Price is $75.00 - Same...
    Click here to order 6. Price is $100.00 - Come on, you have Christmas gifts to buy anyway!!


Below are the donation levels that we had used to help raise the funds for this album. We're done with this portion of it, but I thought it was fun to see so we wanted to keep them up. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who donated. We have done it, and are on schedule (as impossible as it seemed) to ship by Nov 27th. And if you're wondering what this is all about, click here and read my update from Sep 24th.

  • $10 - Tinsle Level: A free digital download of the album, in .MP3 format, when it's released.
  • $25 - Garland Level: The digital download, plus I'll send you one of our "famous" Duff Family Christmas Cards.
  • $24.50 - Yarmulke Level: Same as the Garland Level, but at a better deal! :o)
  • $50 - Ornament Level: An autographed copy of the CD, sent out the very first day it arrives (not waiting until the 27th) and your name printed in the Thank You's on the CD!
  • $100 - Eggnog Level: All the above, plus a T-shirt saying you're an associate producer on the album.
  • $200 - Wreath Level: All the above, plus free admission to all of my shows for 2010.
  • $250 - Partridge In A Pear Tree Level: All the above, plus a personal thank you phone call from me.
  • $500 - 5 Gold Rings Level: I'll videotape me doing a Christmas Song with a personal dedication to you, and post it on YouTube!
  • $750 - Draedel Level: All of the above!
  • $1,000 - Silver Angel Level: This is where it gets fun. I'll record a Christmas Song and work your name into it somehow and maybe even rhyme with it. And if you don't want your name used, you can give me a loved one's instead. What a great gift - and guaranteed to arrive before the Holidays!
  • $2,000 - Blue & Silver Candle Level: All of the above plus you'll be listed as Executive Producer of the album - sweet!
  • $2,500 - Gold Star Level: All of the above plus your choice of type of embroidered hat with "I was Executive Producer of the Michael Duff Holiday Album" on it. Collector's item for shizzle!
  • $5,000 - Santa Level: I will come and help you trim your tree. I'll fly anywhere in North America for this one. I'm really tall so I'm handy to have around for this, plus I can untangle Christmas Tree lights like no one else. Oh, and after it's all done I'll perform some Christmas songs for you too. And if you celebrate a Holiday other than Christmas I will help you decorate accordingly, and even learn at least one song from your traditional celebrations! Of course if you have a fireplace for me to sing near, it just adds to the overall effect value.
  • $5,770 - Menorah Level: I'll fly anywhere in North America for this one too! I will come and help you do your Hanukkah decorating, and cooking if you're brave (I don't cook). I will learn at least one prayer - in Hebrew! - and will deliver it at your Hanukkah celebration (if that's cool with you and your guests!). I also light a really good candle. I'll learn one traditional Hanukkah song and perform it at the celebration. And of course you'll be listed as an Executive Producer on the Album - I'll even get you a big thick cigar to act all Hollywood producer-like!
  • $10,000 - The North Pole Level: You get to come and sing on my CD! I'll fly you out and put you up for a night if you don't live near L.A. And don't worry if you can't sing - we can fix that on our end. And if you don't want to sing you can always shake the jingle bells!

No More Dono!

Nov 1st 2009

WE DID IT!!!! Through this site we have raised over $4,500 - enough to do this album the way we thought it should be done and we are moving ahead at seemingly warp speed. You can still pre-order copies of the CD however - and we would like to encourage you to do so! The Holidays will sneak up on us quickly and these will make splendid gifts!

I heard the first round of mixes on the songs and I'm VERY happy - and think you will be too. There are a few things to tinker with and tweak (as always) but by the end of this week we'll be at the Mastering lab putting the finishing polish on the CD and it will be ready to go to Press 1st thing Monday morning. We already have the artwork underway (we had to list all of the names for the donation levels that got a mention in the credits. Not like it hasn't been a hectic last few weeks but now it's crunch time!

Thanks again to all who donated or bought CDs, it is truly th eChristmas Spirit coming early.

Just like a Holiday gift, we're wrapping it up!

Oct 28th 2009

There are only 2 days left to add to the donations (well, we could stretch it until Sunday if someone really wanted to get in there last minute!). We had to put a cut-off date on it because we have to do the artwork for the album! And since we have many of the donation levels getting credit on the CD, we didn't want anyone to miss out on that.

So, the wonderful Matt Hyde (he produced the Chalk FarM records and mixed Duff's "Unbreakable") is already mixing some of the songs as we wrap up the final recording on the remaining few. We have the Mastering Lab already chosen and ready to do it at the end of next week (by Michael's birthday - Nov 6th). Mastering is the finishing audio process an album goes through before it is mass-produced. Then, it's off to have the CDs made!

This week we recorded the Grammy-Award winning Mark Isham on trumpet and the fabulous Jeff Snow on Sax and just wait unitil you hear the 7500 mile duet with Australian superstar Kate Ceberano. She recorded in Austrailia, I recorded in Los Angeles. It's very hot. :o)

We'll obviously keep the CD pre-ordering up after Sunday but if you've been wanting to donate - now's the time - click on one of the links to the left!

I want to give a wicked big thanks to all of the latest helpers:
Kevin Adams, Jule Rotenberg, Slade Ham, Jeff Quiros, Sharon Balboni, Rick Krusky, Michael Doven, Brie Shaffer, Nathan Lorch, Sally Jensen, Samuel Delariva, Jodi Giese, Dexter Prejean, Dennis Hoe, Anne Ceurvels, Cartney Wearn, Jamie Sorrentini, Sherri Duff & Carol Drummond. THANK YOU ALL!!

Here's a picture of Jeff Snow and I recording his Saxaphone part (this is a Soprano Sax - he also used an Alto Sax on a different song).

We're going strong!

Oct 18th 2009

Sorry I haven't written lately - we've been pretty busy recording this puppy but I wanted to let you know how it's going. Donations-wise, we're over the $2,000 mark, which is awesome. But there have been a number of people who wanted to donate and got confused with the way we layed out the donations page, so we've simplified it to make it easier (hopefully!). And because of that I've decided to extend the cut-off date to Halloween (Oct 31st). That seemed like a good "drop dead" date! :o)

Anyway, we're VERY excited about how the record is shaping up - we're battling schedules a little bit but with the help of some amazing friends we're making it all happen in spite of the impossibles. I totally appreciate the help I've gotten on this!

Musician contributors so far: Debby Holiday (vocals), Frank Spano (vocals - he drove out from Phoenix to do this!), Paris Duff (vocals), Denice Duff (cello), Kate Ceberano (vocals - wait until you hear the duet we're doing - it's crazy!!!!) and more to come...

I want to give a wicked big thanks to all of the helpers so far:
Christine Curtin, Tom & Ethel Duff, Mike Wilson (he pre-ordered 20 CDs!), Larry Gentry, John Motz, David Cruz, Dennis Hoe, Michael Jelks, Anne Archer, Lean Sanders, Joe Pizzuti, RL Stewart, Bruce Wiseman, Jeffrey Gamble, Amy Graham, Judith Hallenbeck, Jennifer Jarvis, Laura Byrnes, Jennifer Charm-Jacobson, Robert Hogg, Cecilia Quinn, Tracee Falkow, Jim Meskimen, Wendy Piatt, Gary Diener, David Lloyd, Gloria Jaroff, Katya Martell, Nicholas Sahadi, Jean Dale, Betsy Debany, Marsha Olsen, Marie Warren-Bossio, Benjie Gordon, Suzie Rose & Guy La Brusciano (who was the very first one to donate)
I will be personally thanking each of you but until then just know that this will be a great album THANKS TO YOU ALL!!!!

Basic tracks are done!

Oct 6th 2009

The response has been really great and we're a bit over the first $1200 - which is awesome!! And I've had a number of my Jewish friends and fans ask about some kind of representation on the list, and who am I to deny someone their Holiday wish? See the additional levels on the left there.

I've also been asked what songs will be on the album, and although I was wanting it to be a surprise, here's the list below. Surprise! :o) Some you're very familiar with and others you're probably not. I thought it was a good mix.

  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  • Silver Bells
  • O Holy Night
  • What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
  • I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
  • All I Want For Christmas (by Ray Charles)
  • Christmas Time Is Here (Done as a duet with my daughter Paris!)
  • Baby, It's Cold Outside (Duet with a very Hot Aussie surprise guest)
  • Little Drummer Boy (The first song I ever sang in public!!)
  • Hallelujah (by Leonard Cohen with words written by Michael Duff adapted for Christmas and with a nod to Jeff Buckley for the version he did of this great song)

Here is a video clip from our main tracking day that happened on Sunday, the 5th (click on the image below!). I'm happy to say that it sounds fantastic.

Michael Duff Christmas Album Recording Session Video

Marc Bosserman is on Piano, Marty Buttwinick is on Bass, JJ Jarroff is on Guitar, Doron Eskinazi is on drums and Chris Rakeshaw is engineering. We tracked it at The Sunset Lodge, a really cool little studio in Hollywood. The ball is rolling along!!!

You're Doing What?!?!

Sep 24th, 2009

You see, I had this idea to do a Christmas Album and I put a note on Facebook to test the waters. I was so encouraged by the positive response that I immediately decided "that's it, I'm doing it! And I really have to move fast if it's going to be ready by Thanksgiving" (the seemingly logical date to release it).

So I've been very busy gathering the band, I made the song list, got the studio, engineer & mixer, I have special guests ready to lend their talents and all scheduled to start on Oct 4th. And then I thought - how am I going to pay for all of this?

Of course, I'll pre-sell CDs, but then I remembered hearing of other independent artists who've done fan-funded CDs. It's a sort of patronage deal, where you are like Andrew Carnegie, except I give you rewards for donations of certain amounts. So, aside from CD pre-orders (shown on the left) and a possible bake-sale, check out what I've come up with on th eleft under "Donate Here". All you have to do is click on whatever level at which you'd like to help and follow the Paypal instructions (you don't even need a Paypal account - any credit card will do!).

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