1. If you donate any money on this website, we will collect from you certain personal information (your name, your address, your e-mail address, etc.) which we need to maintain adequate records of our donors and to contact you in connection with the delivery of various goods and services we are providing you as "Thank You gifts." This personal information is maintained in a database in a private server and is not available to the general public. We will use this information only as required for administrative purposes and to contact you in connection with the supplying of the gifts for which you qualify. We will never share this information with, or sell it to, any other party.
2. Our web server automatically collects information typically logged by web servers: the IP addresses of client browsers, the pages they visited, the amount of data transferred, etc. We may use this information, both individually and in aggregate, to analyze site usage patterns or to investigate alleged instances of abuse or fraud.
3. We use PayPal as our exclusive provider of financial ("merchant") services. PayPal does not send us your bank or credit card information, and therefore we have no direct access to it. The security of your credit cad information is under PayPal's control, and their record for keeping things secure is excellent. You should, however, be aware that, in connection with PayPal's handling of your financial transaction, you are subject to their privacy policy and legal agreements, which can be read here and here, respectively.
4. At some date in the future, we may take the list of people who donated to this project and send each of them a one-time e-mail, offering them an opportunity to sign up for Michael Duff's e-mail list. If we send you such an invitation, it will be a one time message only, and we will not contact you further without your permission.